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Looking for an award that will not gather dust and eventually be placed in the closet awaiting the next garage sale? How about a plaque that anyone would be proud to hang on the wall for all to admire! Choose from a wide variety of layouts and wood finishes. From the classic cherry finish or a beautiful green marble look. Solid walnut and piano boards are for that person that won't settle for anything less. Unlike trophies, there are hundreds of options to choose from when you purchase a plaque. The possibilities are endless when you have over 70 unique fonts and thousands of clip art images to choose from.

We also offer stand-up plaques that are a plaque/trophy highbred. Not only is this award made from the same materials as a plaque and offer the same options as far as clip art and fonts, but it also accommodates a trophy figure. That is correct - the best of both worlds!

These are the colors available for engraving. All colors reveal a gold core with the exception of the grey. When engraved, grey shows through with the same color.


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  • When deciding what to engrave on your recognition plaque, keep in mind that it should be a brief summery of achievements. Let the presentation cover the specific areas that you are choosing to recognize.

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